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  • Know It All

    Access constantly-updated information about server performance, user demographics, and bandwidth utilization.

  • Know It Now

    With live events, there's no time to wait for server log processing. Our real-time statistics let you see - and take action - in the moment.

  • Improve efficiencies

    Leverage in-depth information to optimize your site from both a cost and performance perspective.

  • Find and fix problems

    Detect errors and other delivery issues before they become major showstoppers.

  • Understand your audience

    See how your users are interacting with your content, where they are coming from, and how long they stick around.

  • Drive customer loyalty

    Ensure an excellent user experience by leveraging information about successes and failures.

    Four distinct reporting modules enable intelligent segmentation best suited to your analytics needs:

  • Core Reporting Module

    Monitor bandwidth, transfer rates, cache:hit ratio, and more. Segment reports by platform or in aggregate. See your file delivery, streaming, hits, and statuses, by geography, updated hourly.

  • Edge Performance Analytics Module

    Get an up-close look at how your site is performing at the edge. Detailed information for each data center on server performance, cache configuration, protocols, compression, security, errors, response codes, and more.

  • Advanced Content Analytics Module

    Enjoy deep views into audience information including referrer and host data, location, and loyalty, all overlaid onto an interactive global map.

  • Real-Time Statistics Module

    Dozens of up-to-the-minute graphs and reports of your bandwidth usage, object delivery, streaming connections, and purge and storage conditions. Monitor live events in real time.

    Download the EdgeCast Real-Time Stats app today in the iTunes Store for iOS devices or in the Google Play store for Android devices.

  • iOS & Android Support

    Whether your team is on iPhones or Androids, we've got you covered. Download the Real-Time Stats app for either device today and immediately stay connected to your EdgeCast account on the go.

  • Straight to the Point

    All of your most important, actionable data – current bandwidth, connections, status codes, and cache status – is available to you in an immediate and easily-accessible way.

  • ADN & Flash Streaming

    Real-Time Stats isn't limited to our small and large object platforms – you can also monitor ADN bandwidth and the top 5 Flash content streams on your account at any given time.

  • Go Deeper

    Real-Time Stats isn't just quick access, but also deep access. Monitor bandwidth over time, and drill down to specific status codes and cache statuses.

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