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  • Protect Your Web Applications

    Inspects selected HTTP/S traffic in order to identify and protect against malicious payloads and specific types of attacks, such as SQL Injections, bots, and cross-site scripts.

  • A Key Element of Web Site Security

    WAF is one component of a complete Web Site Security solution that includes anti-DDoS, SSL encryption, DNS, and Origin Cloaking.

  • Deployed in the Cloud

    Easy implementation: No hardware or software to procure, implement or manage. Always-on. Delivers massive on-demand scalability.

  • Embedded in Verizon EdgeCast software stack

    In-line so no loss of WAF functionality. Leverages our hosted, distributed infrastructure. Deployed in all EdgeCast Points of Presence (POPs) worldwide.

  • Employs ModSecurity Rules Engine

    An open source rules engine based on the most widely used and flexible WAF platform available – ModSecurity.

  • Customer Defined

    Customers able to self-configure via the Verizon EdgeCast Control Center. Professional Services setup and engagement available, but not required.

  • Two Distinct ModSecurity Rule Sets Supported

    OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set provides generic set of attack detection rules and ModSecurity Commercial Rules from Trustwave SpiderLabs provide signature-based rules.

  • Faster Updates

    Rule updates pushed out globally to all EdgeCast Points of Presence (POPs) in less than 5 minutes.

  • OWASP Top 10

    Protects against all of the OWASP Top 10 attacks types that can be stopped by a Web Application Firewall.

  • Granular Control

    Use our Rules Engine to decide what WAF rules get applied to which traffic or object types and for which site(s). Remove non-relevant traffic from WAF inspection.

  • Ensuring your website can be found

    Our IP Anycast-based DNS service acts like an always available telephone book for the Web to ensure that your customers can always find

  • Massive capacity to absorb attacks

    Our Security Services are deployed across 30+ Points of Presence (POPs), over 5 continents and through 2000+ user networks on a platform running at over 5Tbps.

  • Make certain your website is available

    What good is your Web site if it’s not available? Our anti-DDoS and Origin Cloaking abilities safeguard your Web site so that it’s always available to your customers

  • Get predictable costs + Trusted pedigree

    Security Services are billed as monthly recurring expenses and backed by the Verizon brand and the security intelligence gleaned from our large security business.

  • Safeguard your web applications

    Activists, criminals, and spies are all considering initiating cyber-attacks against your web site. Our Web Application Firewall is designed to keep them from succeeding.

  • In-line and always-on

    The cloud/edge-based infrastructure means you have on-demand scalability without having to implement cumbersome hardware or software.

  • Secure HTTP data using SSL

    We support shared and custom SSL certificates of all types – including customer provided. Our preferred certificates use OCSP Stapling and typically outperform all others.

  • DDoS mitigation

    Our highly scalable reverse-proxy architecture and sophisticated DDoS identification and mitigation technologies keep your DNS and CDN up and running.

  • Broad authentication options

    Token-based authentication protects against unauthorized users or websites from accessing content. SWF file authentication and RTMPE also supported.

  • Web Application Firewall

    Monitors HTTP/S traffic in order to detect and prevent attacks against web applications utilizing most comprehensive cloud-based WAF employing modsecurity.


  • Protected HTTP streaming video

    Protected HTTP Live Streaming (Apple) and Dynamic Streaming (Adobe) encrypt video streams. Digital Rights Management (DRM) used to control end-user access.

  • Origin cloaking

    Defends against direct-to-origin DDoS attacks by forcing all HTTP/S requests to route through the Verizon CDN ensuring only authorized IP addresses can contact origin.

  • Industry standard security measures

    All our CDNs are implemented using IP Anycast. They are architected for resiliency, redundancy and high availability and employ industry standard security measures.

  • Rules-based delivery

    Our HTTP Rules Engine is used to determine the data pushed through our WAF. It can also be used for a variety of security purposes including geo- or IP-based filtering

  • Physical and environmental controls

    Our numerous POP locations around the world are usually SAS70 type 2, SSAE 16 type 1 or 2, or ISO certified. Our platforms are constantly monitored for security events.

  • A Secure CDN for eCommerce

    PCI Level-1 Service Provider compliant, eCommerce traffic only (no video), and operating policies that disallow software upgrades during busiest selling periods.

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