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  • Deliver it all: HLS, HDS, Flash, Smooth Streaming, HTTP progressive, HTML5
  • Look great: superb stream quality with high-definition picture and sound
  • Perform better: Intelligent load balancing and routing ensures viewers are served for optimal performance
  • Be everywhere: truly global ingestion lets you publish from 19 metros on 5 continents
  • Be secure: robust, military-grade security ensures your content is seen only by those you authorize.
  • Know your audience: The industry's best analytics package will give you unprecedented visibility into audience, content, and performance

Live events - from conferences to concerts - are huge operational challenges. Broadcasting your event over the web should add to your audience, not your hassles.

All too often, users experience lags, choppiness, and degraded quality when watching live events, especially when they are a significant distance from the server that's sending out the live stream. This results in frustrated viewers, and a smaller, less loyal audience. Unfortunately, if you use a traditional web host or legacy CDN to deliver your live event, this is a very likely outcome. And with live events, there's no opportunity for a second take. You need to be sure your delivery network can handle the traffic, that they're battle-tested, and that they won't go dark in the middle of your big day.

With EdgeCast, you can use any - or all - of our strategically-located SuperPOPs as broadcast nodes, bringing your live stream to within milliseconds of more than 95% of the world's broadband users. This means your event is delivered to your customers intact, in real time, and at the best quality their connection allows.

Our network has successfully delivered hugely popular live events such as Miss USA, Miss Universe, Farm Aid, and the debut of Michael Moore's online-only film Slacker Uprising.

With our live event delivery services, you can be sure that regardless of their device, location, or connection speed, your fans will be there, experiencing your event in all its high-fidelity glory. If they're in Tokyo, they'll automatically get the live stream from a server in Tokyo - very often, from a server directly connected to their ISP. Same for Los Angeles, Amsterdam, New York, and all of the other cities where we've built our SuperPOPs. This means you can completely bypass the congested public internet and give users an instant-on experience, just as if they were standing there in front of you.

For many live events, security is critical. Whether you need to ensure that only paid viewers get access, or make sure your event isn't copied by bad guys, our live event solutions include world-class security services that prevent theft and give you full control over who gets in.

Last but not least, understanding your audience and their experience is very important. Where did your users come from? Who had troubles? Who stayed the longest? Who left - and why? Our live event solutions include the industry's best analytics - for rich, real-time insight into how your live event is going, as well as in-depth intelligence about audience demographics and the network's performance.

There's really one way to bring your live event to the world without worrying about user experience, security, or finding yourself in the dark: EdgeCast. We'll make sure you look good.

Our Live Event Customers

Grind Networks
Beyond the rich reporting and superb speed, we've also found EdgeCast customer service to be second to none.
— Greg Morrow, president and co-founder, Grind Networks
  • Grind Networks
  • WordPress WordCamp
  • Indianapolis Colts
  • Miss USA

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