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OpenCDN lets you:

  • Monetize unused capacity
  • Reach markets and regions outside their current markets
  • Sell to larger customers without capital risk
  • Reduce the traffic burden on your network
  • Offer customers access to a huge federated network without capital investments

With an unprecedented explosion in both the supply and demand for content, fast global content delivery is an absolute necessity for any serious telecommunications carrier or content provider. But each carrier, content provider, and CDN has its own set of standards for routing, capacity, and administration, creating an opaque and confusing state of affairs. While an "all eggs in one CDN basket" approach is tempting for the sake of simplicity, it is generally too risky, especially for the largest carriers and publishers.

OpenCDN is a novel federated CDN solution that gives carriers and content providers instant access to a competitive marketplace for global IP transit while seamlessly handling the back-end administration in a consistent, open format.

CDN federation

OpenCDN connects CDNs together with its robust control plane.

Using the OpenCDN federation platform, carriers and content providers can buy and sell capacity, route traffic, access rich usage and performance analytics, and settle payments, all within an easy-to-use online control panel.

With the capacity exchange component of OpenCDN, participants can offer capacity to - or purchase it from - each other, either publicly or privately. This means carriers can confidently take on higher-volume customers without worrying about straining existing resources. It also lets carriers serve content on behalf of customers into markets where the carrier has no infrastructure. It also gives providers the ability to handle "flash crowds" with a few clicks of a mouse, ensuring other critical network services remain available in the face of unanticipated demand.

The entire federated marketplace is built on a SaaS model, with the core system collecting and processing logs, reporting usage on each contract, and settling payments in a consistent, open format. This dramatically eases the administrative burden of participating in such exchanges.

OpenCDN lets you monetize your capacity, improve network quality of service, and have nearly infinite capacity "on tap" whenever (and wherever) you need it.

OpenCDN delivers an incredible business advantage: the power to sell access to a network far larger than the world's largest CDNs - without the capital costs or operational headaches, and free of the risk of "sole sourcing".

Now you can act like you have the world's largest network - because with OpenCDN, you do.

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